About Us


Our goal is to make the tennis racquet stringing process convenient and consistent. We ensure a pro-level quality and hassle-free process, every time. Our passion is to provide our customers with satisfaction and the capability to perform at their very best.


Stringbox is the nation’s only on-demand racquet stringing service. Founded by avid tennis players, we understand the frustrations and inconveniences involved with re-stringing your racquet. We set out to solve a problem that has existed for tennis players since the sport’s inception – providing both convenience and quality of stringing.


We only utilize Master Racquet Technicians who are certified and credentialed for the ATP and WTA tours. We offer pro-quality stringing with the best strings on the market. You know exactly how your racquet will return to you every time you order. We’ve eliminated the guessing game. You never have to worry about an inconsistent stringing job again.


When you break your strings, it’s frustrating. Having to get in your car and sit through traffic to drive to your nearest, inconsistent stringer; it’s a nightmare. We’ve solved that problem and minimized your time spent running errands by bringing everything to your doorstep. Save time. Save money. Save energy.

No more headaches. No more frustrations. You will never have to deal with loose strings because you have no time to get to your stringer and you’ll have more time to stay on the court.