How does Stringbox work?

Stringbox is a racquet stringing subscription service for tennis players of all skill levels. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can now have your racquet strung by a qualified Master Racquet Technician (certified in stringing by the United States Racquet Stringers Association). We will provide a box that you will package your racquet(s) in and a pre-paid label. You will have the choice of our in-stock strings, or, if your favorite string isn't available, you can always select any other string that can be bought in stores. You will have shipping options including taking your box to a local FedEx or UPS store or leaving your box on your doorstep to be taken directly to our professional stringer. Within a couple of days, you will have a professionally strung racquet on your doorstep to your exact specifications. Finally, a convenient way to get quality racquet stringing!

What strings are available?

If your favorite string is availabe in stores, it's available on Stringbox! We never want to limit our customers based upon the string they prefer, so we provide several convenient options to help you get exactly what you need.

When you place an order on our site, you will have the choice between using our recommended string at no additional cost (Gosen OG-Sheep Micro), or upgrading to one of the more popular premium options such as Luxilon Big Banger, Wilson NXT, and Babolat RPM. We also offer many other strings from some of the best manufacturers in the world, such as Genesis, Solinco, Tecnifibre and Gamma.

We offer all of our strings in a variety of gauges and colors. If we don't have your favorite string in stock, you can always request it and we will order it immediately just for you. Or, if you happen to have a pair of strings available, you can just ship it with your racquet and we will deduct the price of strings from your order. It doesn't get easier than that!

Additionally, if you prefer a hybrid stringing pattern, you can also request it in the comments for your stringer and tell us which string types you prefer for the crosses and mains.

Do you offer hybrid stringing patterns?

Yes. See above for more details about what strings we offer and what options are available to you.

How long will it take to receive my finished racquet?

Stringbox works with professional stringers close to you to make the turnaround time competitive, or even quicker, than taking your racquet to your local club or sports shop. We offer three shipping options outlined below: standard, expedited and concierge service.

Standard: Our standard shipping option is included in the cost of your order. You can expect to receive your racquet in 8 to 9 days after placing your first order. For example, if you place your first order on a Sunday, we will send your boxes to you on Monday. You will receive them on Wednesday or Thursday. If you drop your racquet off at a FedEx location on Wednesday or Thursday, our stringer will receive it on Thursday or Friday. We will string and send it back out the day after we receive it. You would receive your racquet a day or two later. Each subsequent standard shipment would only take about 5 to 6 days for you to receive since you will already have boxes to use to send your racquet to us.

Expedited: This shipping option is offered for $5 and would allow you to receive your racquet within 5 to 6 days after placing an order. An example of expedited shipping is as follows. If you place an order on a Sunday, we would have your boxes to you by Tuesday. If you drop your racquet off at a FedEx location by Tuesday or Wednesday, our stringer would receive it Wednesday or Thursday. We will string and send it back out on Thursday or Friday so that you have it by Friday or Saturday. Future expedited orders would only take 4 days to get to you, after placing an order, since you will not have to wait to receive boxes to send your racquet to us.

Concierge: Our most convenient option, the concierge shipping option is offered for $10. This option allows you to leave your packaged racquet on your doorstep and we will arrange for FedEx to pick up your package and ship it to us. After placing your order, it will take approximately 6 to 10 days to receive your finished racquet. An example of this option would be as follows. If you place your first order on a Sunday, we would have shipping boxes to you by Tuesday. You could now schedule your shipment to be picked up either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Our stringer will receive your racquet the day after it is picked up and it will be back to you 2 days later! Subsequent concierge orders would only take 4 to 6 days since you will not have to wait to receive your boxes.

What is the best string?

While the title of “best” string is largely subjective, we believe the Luxilon ALU Power with Big Banger technology is as good as it gets! This string has long been deemed the gold standard in tennis strings, providing incredible control and durability, without compromising the power in your game. We offer this string as an upgrade option.

How often should I re-string my racquet?

The frequency with which you re-string your racquet largely depends on how often you play. The rule of thumb for frequent players is every couple of weeks. You should notice a difference in your string tension after about two weeks. If you rarely play, you can measure by hours played. It is recommended that you re-string after about 20 hours of play.

Some players will wait until their strings break before re-stringing. This is not an advisable practice as your strings will often lose their tension long before breaking. Many coaches state that waiting too long to re-string can cause players to over-compensate, resulting in inconsistency in your game.

How often should I re-grip my racquet?

Like strings, the speed at which your grip will wear out largely depends on your frequency of play. You should note when your grip loses tackiness and starts slipping and should re-grip at that time.

What is the best tension to use?

Each racquet has a listed recommended tension range measured in pounds (lbs). It is recommended that you start in the middle of the recommended tension range and adjust from there as you play. Lower tension gives you more power and higher tension gives more control. As your skill level develops, you can modify your tension to your game. It is recommended that you only make modifications by 2 to 3 lbs. at a time.

What if my string isn't offered?

If your string isn’t offered, you have two options. You can send your preferred string with your racquet at no additional cost or you can order a custom string through your dashboard. To send your own string, simply include the string in the box when packaging your racquet for the stringer. When selecting your string type, simply choose ‘Provide Your Own’ and the stringer will use the string you send with your racquet

To order a custom string through your dashboard, simply click on the ‘Upgrade’ option when selecting your string. Choose ‘Other’ and you will be able to specify the type of string, gauge and color. You will be charged $15 when ordering a custom string. Our stringer will purchase the string for you and use it to string your racquet!

What is the typical price to re-string a racquet?

The cost to restring a racquet through a traditional pro shop is typically around $30. That cost represents an average, basic re-stringing with mid-range strings. The cost can range widely depending on such factors as the quality of string, and the experience of the stringer. At Stringbox, the average cost per racquet is about $25, not counting membership fees.

What if I don't live near a UPS/FedEx store?

No problem - we provide the most convenient options in shipping! After receiving Stringbox shipping boxes (which we will send to you), you will print a pre-paid shipping label that we provide to you. Through your dashboard, you will be able to upgrade to our concierge shipping option for just $10. Concierge shipping allows you to schedule for your package to be picked up from your doorstep and shipped to us!

How can I request more boxes?

To request more boxes, simply log in to your dashboard and click to place another order. In step 4 of your order, you will be asked how many boxes you have available. You can request boxes be sent to you during this step. After your request, we will send another shipment to you right away!

Can I gift a subscription to someone else?

Yes, you can send the gift of Stringbox! Simply purchase a Stringbox gift subscription. You will be issued a discount/coupon code so that the person who is gifted the subscription can set up their dashboard and access their personalized re-stringing service.

What is a Master Racquet Technician (MRT)?

The United States Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA) educates and certifies racquet stringers to ensure that tennis players can seek qualified and trained individuals for their equipment needs. Master Racquet Technicians (MRT) have passed a rigorous and comprehensive test, given by the USRSA, to prove their extensive knowledge regarding strings, tension, balance, grips, etc. You can feel secure that our MRT is well versed in producing personalized and consistent quality stringing jobs.

How many racquets can I string each month?

You can re-string as many racquets as you would like each month! Our subscription service provides unlimited access to our services. You will be charged $19 per racquet you string. Please see the FAQ for ‘How much does this service cost?’ to determine the cost you would incur.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel or upgrade your subscription service at any time. If you sign up for the subscription service and don’t submit a stringing order within 30 days of purchase, you can request a refund on your purchase.

Can I insure my racquet?

Yes, you can pay $5 to insure your racquet. This insurance would cover any loss up to $400.

What happens if my racquet is damaged?

A picture of your racquet will be taken before and after your racquet is strung. If there is damage to your racquet, you will complete a claim through your dashboard. You will be credited for the damage incurred.

How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password through the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link located on the Login page. A confirmation email will be sent which will enable you to reset your password for access to your dashboard

What makes this service better than my local club or sports shop?

Stringbox offers you the highest quality stringing right from the convenience of your own home! Most clubs have a turnaround time of a week to string your racquet and many lack the consistency of using the same stringer each time.

With our service, you will receive the consistency of the same professional stringer each time. Also, Stringbox will have your racquet back to you within about a week or less for a comparable price as your local club!

Also, Stringbox offers a large variety of strings, grips and other upgrades allowing your options to be endless. Your racquet will be strung by a Master Racquet Technician and you will not have to go out of your way to get it done!

What if I don't play very often?

Even if you don’t play tennis very often, Stringbox offers many options for stringing! Since we are a subscription service, you only pay for the racquets you order after paying your subscription fee. You only pay for the racquets you order making it a win-win. Additionally, we offer the option to place an order without a subscription. For $59, you can re-string your racquet without having to pay the monthly or yearly subscription fee.

How much does this service cost?

Stringbox has a few service options varying in cost. If you choose the yearly subscription service, which enables you to re-string as many racquets as you would like for a full year, you will pay $99 for the year membership and $19 per racquet you re-string.

You can also purchase the subscription service monthly to re-string as many racquets as you would like for one month. This option is $10 per monthly subscription and $19 per racquet you re-string.

If you do not choose to pay our yearly or monthly subscription fee, you will pay $59 per racquet for re-stringing. Also, keep in mind that you will have the option to choose upgrades, such as grips or custom strings, which will add to your stringing fee.